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There's an updated format for Spells now which presents information more efficiently. A few spells have been renamed (Illusion: Figment is now simply Figment, for example) and there have been some minor magic tweaks as well. The Magic Power techniques Go All Out and Death Curse are now options freely available to all spellcasters to add more oomph to their spells at the cost of their own health, or even their life.
The Core Rulebook now has a new section in the 'Combat' chapter: Environmental Hazards. Rules for Suffocation, Falling and Collisions, and Dangerously Loud Sounds/Brige Lights have been moved there, and there are new rules for Starvation, Thirst, a lack of sleep, and certain kinds of foul weather (fog, heavy rain, and snow). The Fortitude techniques Immunity and Sleep is For the Weak were both rebalanced: Immunity now adds a +5 bonus to a disease you have been exposed to (so you can no longer take, say, Immunity: Zombie Virus and absolutely destroy a Zombie Survival game, because you must have survived the disease in the past), and Sleep is For the Weak now only lets you skip a night's sleep once every four nights instead of every other night (which was, honestly, ridiculous). There's a new technique in Stealth called Go To Ground, which boosts cover (and will thus be especially useful to characters in games featuring firearms that don't wear armour to match), and a new type of monster (the Giant Worm). Also, the character sheet has recieved a few tweaks, most notably the Movement section has been upgraded to remind people about Mobility Penalties.
A major overhaul of monster special abilities and difficulty calculations began today, the end result being a much more consistent set of powers and weaknesses for monsters across the board, and a less clunky difficulty system. Monsters are now divided up into "Easy," "Medium," "Hard," and "Overwhelming" categories for their level, with the different difficulties giving more or less experience points. For example, an Imp is a Hard level 1 (giving 150 XP to a level 1 hero) while a Kobold Militia is Easy level 1 (giving only 50 XP to a level 1 hero). Factored into difficulty are special powers, equipment, and size. Roughly half the monsters have been updated to the new system. In other news, work on a cover for the main rulebook began yesterday.
Fantasy armour was greatly improved today, with text descriptions of the various types of armour, rules for shield spikes (finally!), and a system for designing your own custom armour from the ground-up. Now, you can have armour with various mismatched pieces, such as a breastplate with mail limb coverings or an unarmoured torso and scale-covered arm (like the Murmillo-type gladiators) if you want. Also, the heavy construction modification can now be taken multiple times with stacking effects for the walking tanks out there. Similar updates are shortly to come for modern and sci-fi armour.
Added much-needed swim rules (in the Athletics skill description) and rules for suffocation (in the combat chapter)
Added several new humans to the monsters .pdf: conscript guards, professional guards, and hedge witches. The monsters .pdf now has bookmarks, like the core rulebook. More importantly, there is a new use of the Charisma skill (gathering information) and several new techniques to accompany it. Further, flanking rules have been revised to a)allow for the reach rules, and b)allow a flanked character the option of ignoring one or more potential flankers (at a steep penalty to defence) in order to take no penalty against all others.
More bug fixes, added rules for armour for big and small characters, and an explanation for armour spikes. More armour improvements to come shortly. Also, the Charge rules were clarified slightly, and the newest .pdf should have bookmarks.
Relaxed penalties for the Disabled condition and clarified the Curse You Treacherous Dagger technique, as well as a few other minor edits. Also, the Download page has a new, spiffy image for your viewing pleasure!
The last few days have mostly been catching a whole host of editing errors, inconsistencies, spelling mistakes, and other minor (but important) problems in the core rulebook.
Elaborated on and clarified the possession rules in the core rulebook; also added a variety of sensors (such as infrared, seismic, and radiation) rules for artificial intelligence, an example AI and a pair of android bodies, and updated several of the older vehicles to the new format to the vehicles section. Most vehicles (particularly the spaceships and civilian cars) are still out of date to varying extents, but I should have that fixed by the end of the week.
Updated the character sheet; added hydras, the multiple heads ability, and the hazardous blood ability to the Monsters rulebook.
Today the forum went up and we got some of our first users. Also, numerous example vehicles (such as cars, tanks, mecha, helicopters, and spaceships) were added to the Vehicle Design Rules.
This is the first devlog post, marking the launch of the Semiautomagic website! It's an exciting time for all of us. Well, it is for me, anyways. | News | Forum | © David Bayless 2011