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Skill Rate: Staggered

Uses: The Acrobatics skill can be used maintain your balance, and reduce falling damage.

Balance: Whenever you have to walk across a narrow surface, or try to maintain your footing on slippery or shifting terrain, you make an acrobatics check. When balancing, you move at half speed.

You must make a balance check every round. If you remain stationary, you get +3 to the check.




Flat, stable ground


An area narrower than 10 cm


Area narrower than 5 cm, or a rope. Shifting terrain.


Balancing on a swaying rope




Area is wet


Passive Techniques

  1.   Rapid Stand: With this technique, standing up from prone takes two seconds less (down to a 2SA from a 4SA).
  2.   Safe Landing: You take 2 points less damage from falling

Active Techniques

  1.   Acrobatic Jump: You may use your Acrobatics modifier instead of your Athletics modifier when making jumps. However, mobility penalties apply.
  2.   Wall Kick:   [Requires Acrobatic Jump] If you finish your jump next to a wall or other sturdy vertical surface, you can immediately make another jump from that wall. You do not count as having a running start. The DC for the second jump is that same as a regular jump would be, but +1 higher.
  3.   Multi Wall Kick:   [Requires Wall Kick, Acrobatic Jump] You may make multiple Wall Kicks, so long as you finish your jump next to a wall each time. The DC increases by a cumulative +1 per jump, however.
  4.   Combat Wall Kick:   [Requires Wall Kick, Athletics: Leaping Charge] Normally, using the Leaping Charge technique requires 4 squares of jumping or falling in a single bound. With Combat Wall Kick, add up the total distance of all of your jumps or falls you made since last touching the ground when using Leaping Charge.
  5.   Skydive:   [Requires Tuck and Roll] With this technique, you can attempt to slow your descent and even control it to a limited extent. Once per round while falling, you can make a DC 8 Acrobatics check as an immediate 0SA. If you succeed,  you slow your descent to 40m/s for that round. Further, you can attempt to glide horizontally. If you succeeded on your skydive check, you can move horizontally at a speed of 1m/s of movement. This takes a move action as if you were moving normally.
  6.   Tuck and Roll: [Requires Safe Landing] Upon landing, you can try to roll to take less damage. Make an acrobatics check with DC 4. If you succeed, you take one point less damage. For every three points with which you beat the DC, you take an additional one point less damage. As part of the roll, you move one square in any direction after landing. If you are landing in liquid instead of on a solid object, you make a dive instead. This functions the same way, except you don't move into an adjacent square.

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