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Animal Backup

Skill Rate: Fast

The knight's testy warhorse, the thief's uncannily smart pet rat, and the magician's familiar: these are unusually powerful and loyal animals, and are acquired with the Animal Backup skill. A character may have only one animal companion at a time. If a character loses one for any reason, he cannot designate a new one until he gains a level. Unless otherwise specified, the following techniques can only be taken once each. The creature's maximum level is your ranks in Animal Backup minus one (minimum one)


  1.   Smart: The animal's intelligence permanently increases by one point, and it can take ranks in Knowledge and Engineering.
  2.   Clever:   [requires Smart] the creature understands one spoken language (but obviously can't talk).
  3.   Strong: The animal's strength permanently increases by one point.
  4.   Fighter:   [requires Strong] One of the animal's unarmed attacks deals one higher die of damage.
  5.   Tough : The animal's Endurance permanently increases by one point.
  6.   Thick-Skinned:   [requires Tough] the animal's natural armour increases by two.
  7.   Quick: The animal's dexterity permanently increases by one point.
  8.   Sprinter:   [requires Quick] The animal's speed increases by one square of its scale
  9.   Spirited: the animal's spirit permanently increases by one point.
  10.   Loyal : [requires Spirited] The animal's Will score increases by three points.
  11.   Familiar : [Requires Arcana 1 rank, Magic Skill 1 rank, Magic Power 1 rank] The time spent hanging around a spellslinger such as yourself has had a noticeable effect on your animal. Your animal can learn and cast one complexity zero power zero spell, and gains the [Magical] tag. Your animal can take ranks in Arcana, Magic Power, Spell Repertoire and Complexity next level.

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