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Shotguns fire a large number of small lead balls with each attack, known as “shot.” Weapons with a lower gauge fire larger balls. All shotguns presented here are longarms. Shotguns grant a +1/0 bonus to attack rolls, however they deal 1 point less damage for every range increment away the target is.

Hunting: Hunting shotguns come in thousands of models with tens of thousands of variants. Modifications: Shotgun, Simple

Tactical: Shotguns are very occasionally used by police or the armed forces for close range fighting.
Modifications: Shotgun, Box Magazine, Semiautomatic, Accessory Rail, Bayonet Lug

Underslung: Some compact shotguns are designed to be attached to the accessory rail of combat rifles. The statistics written assume the shotgun is attached to a larger weapon, otherwise decrease the range increment to 5 m.
Modifications: Shotgun, Semiautomatic, Compact, Underslung

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