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Skill Rate: Staggered

Uses: Climbing, swimming, running, and jumping

Jump Make an Athletics check. If you are making a Long Jump, you may jump up to half your check result in squares of your scale, to a maximum of your speed. You do this as part of a move, not as an action in itself. For a High Jump, you jump up to one quarter your check result in squares of your scale. If you do not have a running start (4 m of straight movement before your jump) the DCs are doubled.

Climb As a 4SA, make an Athletics check. The DC is based off of the type of wall you are trying to climb. If you succeed, you move up the wall at a speed of 0.25m. For every point by which you succeed, you can move at an additional +0.25m, to a maximum of your normal speed. You may not make defence rolls (such as block, dodge, or parry) while climbing. All climb checks are at a -2 penalty if one of your hands is holding something or otherwise incapacitated, unless you have the Perch technique.

Running and Chasing: Normally, moving around is dealt with in Chapter Three: Combat. However, when two characters have exactly the same speed, the GM should let them run around for a few rounds, then call for an opposed Athletics check. If the runner wins, he escapes. If the chaser wins, he catches up to the runner. For long overland chases where endurance is more important than speed, use the Fortitude skill instead.


Combo Components:  

  1.   Leaping Charge: [Attack Combo -1]: This combo component can only be included in a combo that also includes Charge. Instead of having to move 6 m before your attack (as per Charge), you must jump (or fall) the same distance. The two combo components stack for Combo Complexity (they each subtract 1 for a total of -2). Creatures of different scale must jump 4 squares of their scale.
  2.   Spring: [Attack combo +1] you may move up to two seconds during your combo. This does not add to the time it takes to use your combo, you can just move while attacking. Attacks may be made at any point along the move, and you can move between attacks. You take a -1/-1 penalty to ranged attacks while making a Spring.
  3.   Rush: [Attack Combo +2] [Requires Spring] You may move at your full speed for the duration of the combo (typically four seconds), but may not run. Otherwise, this functions as Spring. This may not be included in the same combo as Spring.
  4.   Sprint Attack: [Attack Combo +4] [Requires Rush] You may run during your combo. All attacks are made at a -1/-1 penalty (this stacks with the -1 /-1 penalty for ranged attacks from Spring).

Passive Techniques

  1.   Shot on the Run   [Requires Spring] You can ignore the -1/-1 penalty to ranged attacks while making a Spring.
  2.   Nimble Climb: You may dodge while climbing.
  3.   Perch : You may climb leaving one hand free without penalty, which can be used to (among other things) make attacks, make Block checks, cast spells, carry things, etc..
  4.   Rapid Climb : You move at +0.5 squares of your scale (+0.5m for humans) when climbing, to the normal maximum of your speed.
  5.   Sprint: When your character uses the Run action, he moves at 4x speed instead of at 3x speed.
  6.   Fast : [Requires Sprint] . Increase your speed by one half of a square of your scale (+0.5m for humans).


Object to be Climbed



specifically designed to be climbed, easily. No check required unless you have a penalty.

A ladder


Relatively easy to climb

A rope with a wall to brace against or a knotted rope.


A surface with ledges to hold on to and stand on

Very rough cavern wall


Pulling yourself up by your hands

You‚re hanging off a cliff


Surface with adequate handholds and footholds

An unknotted rope, or a tree


Uneven surface with some handholds and footholds


Rough surface

Natural stone wall or brick wall


Overhang on a ceiling with handholds but no footholds


Perfectly flat, smooth, vertical surface

-1 modifier

Brace against perpendicular or opposite walls

A chimney or corner

+1 modifier

Surface is wet or slippery

It just rained

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