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Developing Combos

When a character gains the ability to learn a new combo, he may either be taught one by someone else or develop one himself. When developing a combo, simply add together known components. Components are techniques that are Bold Underlined   and are followed by [Attack Combo +X] where X is the Combo Rating that they add to the combo. Combine the Combo Rating for each of these components to determine the combos total Combo Rating for your combo.

The total number of components that can be included in a combo is equal to your total number of ranks in either Weapon Skill or Ranged Skill (whichever is highest) plus one.

Two Combos Components are known to all characters:

Attack [Attack Combo +1]: Make a melee or ranged attack. To gain more than one attack in a combo, the Weapon Skill: Extra Attack technique is needed.

Charge : [Attack Combo -1]: Your combo must be made immediately following a straight movement of at least 6 metres

All characters start the game knowing one combo. Whenever the character's maximum Combo Rating score changes, they can update their combos to meet the new value.

All moves made in a combo occur simultaneously. So if you wound your target in your combo, for example, all future attacks still hit against their original toughness.

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