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Skill Rate: Fast

Uses: Removing adverse morale conditions from yourself, and fighting in a team.


  1.   Resolve: You add 1 + one-half of your Discipline modifier (round down) to your Will.
  2.   Zen Combat: You may add your spirit instead of your strength to damage on attacks that normally allow you to add your strength to damage.
  3.   Calm Down: You may spend a minute doing nothing, taking no actions, but slowly relaxing yourself. At the end, you may make a Discipline check with the DC equalling your current Will. if you succeed, you remove a morale penalty
  4.   Rapid Calm:   [Requires Calm Down] you only six seconds to use the Calm Down technique, not a whole minute.
  5.   Independent:   [Requires Calm Down] : you instead remove two morale penalties on a successful Calm Down attempt.
  6.   Snap Back :   You can make a Discipline check instead of a Spirit check to remove the Broken condition.
  7.   Teamwork Tech Tree: These techniques are useful when a large group of attackers all fire at the same time, primarily with ranged weapons. All characters involved must use the same combo and attack with the same weapon. Together, they are treated as one character making a single large combo attack. Use the average attack bonus of the group. For every full doubling of people attacking, (one at two, two at four, etc.) you can use one of the following techniques to add a bonus. All characters must have the technique in order to use it. Each one may be used multiple times, its effects stack.
  8.   Volley Attack: add +1 to hit and one extra attack.
  9.   Concentrated Attack: Add +1 to hit and if you hit by more than one point, (like Burst Fire) you roll an additional damage die. If you add this twice, you add +2 to hit and if you beat the target by two or more you roll three damage dice, etc.
  10.   Area Attack: You attack a Scale 1 area instead of one enemy. Each use of this technique adds +1 to the scale. This only works with ranged attacks. If the attacks already had an area attack, simply increase the scale by +1 for every

So for example, say 2 archers want to use Volley Attack.  They use the Rapid Fire combo (one attack and one extra attack) and have a +0 attack modifier normally. Instead of each one making two attacks, one of them makes three attacks at +1. Together they use four arrows.

If they used Concentrated attack, they would together make 2 attacks at +1, but roll extra damage dice if they hit by more than 1. Together they still use four arrows.

If they used Area Attack, they would make 2 attacks, each attacking a Scale 1 area. Together they use four arrows.

If there were four archers, they could use one Area attack and one Volley attack (for +1 to hit, three attacks, and they attack a scale one area) or two Area attacks (two attacks at +0 to hit against scale 2 areas), etc.

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