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Skill Rate: Staggered

Uses: You are entrusted with the responsibility to direct the power of your deity. The higher your ranks in Faith, the more you are trusted.

Supernatural: Unless otherwise specified, all techniques in Faith are supernatural.

Special : if your ranks in Faith is not at least equal to your level, you lose all abilities granted from the Faith skill until such a time as it is maxed out again. If you act grossly against your deity's code, you may be suspended of your Faith powers for a time. This is only for extreme violations. For example, breaking a law while being faithful of Justicar (the god of Law) is not enough, you'd need to overthrow a well-established and reasonably fair legal system and replace it with the worst form of anarchy.


  1.   Delayed Martyrdom : If something would cause you to die, you may remain alive and conscious for a duration equal to your Faith modifier in rounds.
  2.   Shield of Faith: You may automatically treat one defence roll as having rolled a '6' on the six-sided die. You may not use this technique again until you have spent about a minute in prayer. You may choose to use this ability after already rolling (and presumably failing) your defence roll.
  3.   Holy Blade: Against enemies that are unholy to your deity, you add your Spirit to damage in addition to your Strength. This is added to any damage roll you make„ spell damage, weapon, unarmed, ranged, Anima Wave, timed delay explosive, etc.
  4.   Strike Down : [Attack Combo -1] This combo may only be used against targets that are unholy to your deity.
  5.   Stunning Smite:   [requires Holy Blade] unholy enemies wounded by a Holy Blade attack (see above) must make a fortitude check (DC=damage dealt] or be stunned for one round.
  6.   Holy Sight: You gain Holy Sight as an additional sense. This allows you to notice divine power. With Holy Sight, you can detect holy and unholy beings, creatures, and effects. Look at the chart for DCs. The DC increases by one for every 10m away it was cast. Holy Sight functions even if the user is blind or deaf. Holy Sight ignores obstacles such as doors and walls.




Holy or Unholy creature (of your religion)

10 ƒ the creature‚s level

Faith skill being used

6 ƒ the user‚s Faith skill modifier

A paladin using Holy Blade


12 ƒ the character‚s Faith bonus. Success by 4 or more tells you the character‚s religion.

Consecrated area


A temple

Holy symbol of your religion


Holy symbol of other religion


Holy object of your religion

4 ƒ slightly holy

2 ƒ very holy

0 ƒ relic

-6 ƒ sacred relic

-20 ƒ Focal relic

Holy object of another religion

As above, but +2

Your deity


An avatar of your deity


Another deity


An avater of another deity


  1.   Holy Guidance:   [Requires Holy Sight] you can ignore concealment on any creature or object detected with Holy Sight.
  2.   Holy Empathy [Requires Holy Sight] With a DC 4-8 Faith check (GM discretion), you can notice extremely traumatic events that have taken place in the past. Modifiers that affect Holy Sight‚s DCs also affect Holy Empathy DCs.
  3.   Exorcise: You can channel your deity's power to try to rid a creature from domination. The possessed creature must be able to clearly see and hear you. Make a Faith check against the possessing creature's Will. If you succeed, it is banished from the creature or object it was possessing, and cannot attempt to possess that creature for 24 hours or until the next sunrise, whichever happens first. If a character has multiple creatures possessing it, you can choose to target or exclude any number of them with Exorcism, making one single Faith check, and comparing it to each of their Wills. Using Exorcism takes a six-second action and involves speaking clearly and loudly in a firm voice. Being deaf or otherwise hard of hearing is no protection from an Exorcism.
  4.   Mass Exorcism: [Requires Exorcism] You can attempt to use Exorcism against multiple creatures at the same time. You take a -1 penalty on the Faith check if you attempt to do so, but any number of creatures who can hear you are affected by your Exorcise ability.
  5.   Cleric Specialized Tree: If you learn one of the following techniques, you cannot learn any of the techniques in other specialized casting trees, such as from Arcana. If you have a technique in another specialized casting tree, you cannot take a rank from the Cleric specialized tree.
  6.   Cleric Neophyte: You gain access to the Cleric secret spell seed, Smite. However, you lose access to the Damage spell seed.
  7.   Cleric Apprentice:   [Requires Cleric Neophyte, 3 ranks in Faith]  
  8.   Full Cleric:   [Requires Cleric Apprentice, 10 ranks in Faith]  
  9.   Expert Cleric:

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