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Special Magic Items

Special magic items, unlike common magic items, cannot generally be bought. Their rarity, or lack thereof, is entirely in the hands of the GM when designing the setting.


Angel Token: An angel token is a one-use magic card inscribed with an angelic motif. If you are wearing an angel token and die, the ring immediately activates. It glows brightly and then vanishes, and the wearer is returned to life as if by a successful Resurrection spell.

Shell Token: A shell token can be activated as a one second immediate action immediately after the wearer is wounded. After activation, the shell token turns to dust. The wound is negated as if it never happened, but any other effects from the attack (such as poison) remain. A shell token does not help if the attack knocked you dead or dying.

Haste Token: This one-use token is inscribed with some sort of pattern, although what it is, precisely, is unclear because the etchings are blurred and distorted. Activating it takes a one second action and causes the haste token to burn up in a small fire. To the activator, the rest of the world begins to move at a snails pace. To everyone else, the character moves impossibly fast. Activating this token allows you to take an extra six seconds of action on your turn.

Mana Well

A mana well is an extremely rare and valuable magical device that amplifies the magical power of spellcasters. Mana wells come in many shapes and sizes, although they are usually in the form of jewellery weighing less than 0.1 kg. A character with the Arcana: Link technique can link with a mana well as if it were another spellcaster, drawing on its power. Mana wells add +1 to the Magic Power skill and maximum power rating, just like linking with a caster. A character can only link with one mana well at a time.

Mana wells generally look like ordinary objects, but any character with Arcane Sight can identify their presence if the object is in reach. Further, a character with the Arcana: Link technique can immediately discover their true nature simply by touching a mana well.

Wing Boots

These boots have short wings attached to the ankles. They allow the wearer to defy gravity and fly for a while. The wearer can activate the boots mentally as a 0SA. The wings grow slightly and glow a dull white, and the wearer can fly at a speed of 2 squares. After a minute of sustained flight, the wing boots falter and the wearer falls. Every hour, the wing boots recover enough magic to fly the wearer for one round. So, after two hours without use, the wearer can fly for 12 seconds.

Variants: Instead of winged boots, the magic item could be a wide, tattered cloak (for example). Also, for a more powerful item, increase the maximum flight duration or the recharge rate.

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