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Skill Rate: Staggered

Uses: You are a particularly scrawny individual. This has no penalty other than the fact that if you put ranks in this, you probably didnét put them in, say, Combat Arts or Weapon Skill. On the plus side, your enemies donét register you as a threat and may not take you seriously enough to really try and hurt you.


Passive Techniques:

  1.   Mass Scrawny:   [Requires Scrawny] When you use Scrawny, it affects all who can see you. Make one Feebleness check and apply it to the Will of anyone who can see you.
  2.   Pitiful Flinch: [Requires Scrawny] : You can use Scrawny as a 1 second immediate action.
  3.   Wiry:   [Requires Scrawny, Strength of 3+] You decrease the penalty from your Strength score to Scrawny checks by one point. You may take this multiple times, and its effects stack, but never reduce the penalty to lower than -2.
  4.   Extra Scrawny: [Requires Scrawny, 2 ranks in Feebleness] If you succeed in a Scrawny check, you add an additional +1 Target to your target score. You may take this multiple times, to a maximum of one-half of your Feebleness bonus. Its effects stack.
  5.   Size Down: When other creatures use the Size Up technique against you, you subtract your ranks in this skill from the CR they think you have. See the Perception skill for more about Size Up.

Active Techniques:

  1.   Scrawny: You can make a special Feebleness skill check as a 1 second action against one target who can see you. The DC is equal to their Will. You subtract your Strength and triple your Scale from your Scrawny check, but add +3 to make up for that. If you succeed, you are treated as having +1 Target against attacks made by them. This is because they are not really trying to hit you as much as they could, because you appear so unthreatening.

Creatures immune to Morale effects are immune to Scrawny.

If your target sees you do anything that causes a Wound or morale penalty or Kill anything , the target is immune to your use of Scrawny until your bonus increases, or they somehow forget.

If you are visibly armed, you take a penalty based on the heaviest weapon. The penalty is -1 for a light weapon, -2 for a standard weapon, and -3 for a heavy weapon. If you are carrying a superheavy weapon, the target is immune to Scrawny.

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