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Skill Rate: Staggered

Uses: Fortitude checks are made whenever you come into contact with poisons or disease, as well as to resist many kinds of special attacks and to avoid dying.

Size Modifier: Add three times your scale to your Fortitude modifier.


  1.   March : you may walk for an additional 4 hours per day without becoming fatigued.
  2.   Immunity : pick one poison or disease that you have been exposed to in the past. You are immune to this poison or disease. You may choose this multiple times, each time choosing a new poison or disease.
  3.   Die Hard : instead of a 10% chance to stabilize each round while dying, you have a 25% chance
  4.   Die Harder : [Requires Die Hard] Instead of a 25% chance to stabilize each round while dying, you have a 50% chance
  5.   Live Easy : [Requires Die Harder] You automatically stabilize when dying
  6.   Last Stand: While dying, you remain conscious, though you are Disabled. If you stop dying, you are no longer Disabled.
  7.   Sleep is for the Weak : You may go for one night without sleep and suffer no ill-effects. If you go without for another night in a row, you are exhausted rather than fatigued the next day.
  8.   Efficient Sleeper : You only need to sleep for six hours every night instead of eight to get a good night‚s rest.
  9.   Zero-G Training : you ignore the -2 mobility penalty for being in zero gravity.
  10.   Uncanny Resilience : [Requires 4 ranks in Fortitude] :   You add +1 to your Toughness, but not your minimum toughness. As such, you are just as vulnerable to wounding but harder to kill outright. You may take this technique once for every four ranks in Fortitude you have. Its effects stack. So, if before this you had toughness 9/3 (average human), then afterwards you would have toughness 10/3.
  11.   Mule : Add +2 kg (times your scale multiplier, of course) to your Encumbrance step. This allows you to carry more gear without slowing down. You may take this technique multiple times and its effects stack, although its total increase cannot double your original Encumbrance step .
  12.   Heavy Lifter: [Requires Mule] You can ignore one mobility penalty from encumbrance.

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