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Skill Rate: Staggered

Uses: Your character is thin and a little on the weak side. This has no penalty other than that, if you put ranks in Frailty, you might not be putting them in say fortitude. However, it causes foes to subconsciously pull their punches.


  1.   Glasses: (as in "You Wouldn‚t Hit a Guy with Glasses") As a 1 second action, you can make a Frailty check against one enemy‚s Will. The enemy must be able to see you. If you succeed, any attacks they make against you before your next turn deal -1 damage. This is because, whether they know it or not, they are deliberately avoiding hurting you too badly ƒ you just don‚t look like you could take it. You take a -1 penalty to this check if you are wearing light armour, -2 in medium armour, and -3 in heavy armour. If the armour is concealed or they otherwise don‚t know about it, the penalty is ignored. Enemies immune to morale effects ignore any benefit you get from Glasses.
  2.   Mass Glasses:   [Requires Glasses] When you use the Glasses technique, it affects anyone who can see you. Roll the check once, and apply it against everyone‚s Will.
  3.   Weaker Glasses:   [Requires Glasses, three ranks in Frailty] When you use Glasses, enemies deal -2 damage instead of -1.
  4.   Sickly Glasses:   [Requires Weaker Glasses, six ranks in Frailty] As Weaker Glasses, but they do -3 damage instead of -1
  5.   Quick Glasses:   [Requires Glasses] You can use Glasses as an Immediate 1 second action

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