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Skill Rate: Staggered

Uses: Intimidate is used to frighten your enemies, and to keep your underlings in line using terror tactics. It can also be used to interrogate answers out of a prisoner, or in a similar situation. Creatures that are immune to fear effects are also immune to all uses of intimidate.

Interrogate: Intimidate can be used to get answers out of characters otherwise unwilling to talk. Make an intimidate check against the target's Will. This deals no morale damage, but if you succeed, the target 'cracks' and talks. He can attempt to lie, but does so at a -1 penalty. Interrogating a target can take several minutes or more.

There are a wide variety of circumstance modifiers the GM can add to this check. Use the following table as a guideline:



Target is disadvantaged (Interrogator is armed and target isn't)


Target is severely disadvantaged (unarmed, tied down, surrounded, etc.)


Target is more frightened of what will happen if he talks than if he doesn't

+3 or more

Target has the advantage


Target is severely advantaged

-2 or more

Good Cop Bad Cop: A character using Intimidate can team up with a character using Charisma to interrogate with greater effect. Because the DC of a Charisma check is based off of the target‚s Will, the DC can effectively be lowered with a successful intimidate check.

Techniques :

  1.   Scare:     As a 4SA, you can try to frighten your enemies. One enemy who can see and hear you (or in other situations the GM deems appropriate) takes your Intimidate check result in Fear morale damage.
  2.   Group Intimidate:   [Requires: Scare] When you make a Scare attempt, you instead target all enemies within 6 m. Roll one die and apply it to all targets.
  3.   Intimidate Legion: [Requires: Group Intimidate] . When you make a Scare attempt, all enemies who can see or hear you are targets. Roll one die for damage and apply it to all of them.
  4.   Foil: As an immediate action, when a character attempts to remove morale damage from one or more of his allies (ex, through use of the Charisma skill), you may make an Intimidate check. If the result of your Intimidate check is higher than the check result of the skill your opponent used (typically Charisma), then the attempt is negated and his allies keep their morale penalties. Your target must be able to see and/or hear you for Foil to work.
  5.   Fear is the Best Motivator:   [Requires: Scare] You may attempt to intimidate your own allies with Scare. If you succeed, they suffer the usual morale penalties. However, for one round, they also ignore any morale penalties. If you wound an ally, you can immediately use this technique as a 0SA and gain a +1 bonus to your intimidate check. If you kill an ally, you automatically succeed.

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