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Skill Rate: Staggered

Uses: The Luck skill's primary use grants you the ability to make a certain number of luck rerolls per day. Every rank you place in Luck grants you one LP, much like how Heroics grants AP. LP can be expended to grant various kinds of benefits based on the techniques you choose. After a decent night's sleep, you gain your LP back. Unless otherwise stated, using Luck techniques is not an action but done after someone rolls a die instead.

Like all abilities that grant rerolls, you can never reroll the same die more than once. The reroll uses the same modifier as the first roll.

Special: If Luck is your focus skill, you gain an additional 3 LP.

Techniques :

  1.   Better Lucky than Good: [Requires 3 ranks in Luck] When you use Luck to reroll a die you can spend an extra 2 LP. If you do, roll two dice instead of one. Use the higher of the two.
  2.   Black Cat: You can use one LP to force an opponent to reroll a skill check. The check must have been made within 10m of you.
  3.   Broad Strokes:   [Requires Lucky, Lucky Leverage, Serendipity, Freak Chance]  You can spend 3 LP to force a reroll of any die rolled at the table, even if you have no idea what the die was rolled for.
  4.   Fortuitous: When you use LP to reroll dice, instead of having to use the second result, you can use whichever is higher.
  5.   Freak Chance:   [Requires 3 ranks in Luck] You can spend 2 LP to cause an enemy to reroll a damage roll made against you. This includes both physical damage and morale damage.
  6.   Gambler with an Edge: Whenever your character rolls an in-game die, such as in a game of chance, you can spend one LP to reroll the die. You must use the second result.
  7.   It's Not Even Fun Anymore:   [Requires Gambler with an Edge, 10 ranks in Luck] After using Gambler with an Edge, you can spend another2 LP to add 1 or subtract 1 from the result of your in-game roll.
  8.   Lucky Leverage:   [Requires 2 ranks in Luck] : you can expend 2 LP to reroll an ability check. You must use the second result.
  9.   Lucky Shot:   [Requires two ranks in Luck] You can spend 2 LP to reroll a damage roll that you made. You must use the second result.
  10.   Lucky: You can expend one LP to reroll a skill check that you just made. You must use the second result.
  11.   Painful Accident:   [Requires Unfortunate Accident, 10 ranks in Luck] When you use Unfortunate Accident, you can attempt to cause the target to suffer an injury while falling. This costs an additional 3 LP. If the target falls prone, it takes 1d6 + your Luck modifier damage. Even if you beat the target's Toughness score, it only takes one wound, and does not die.
  12.   Reliably Lucky: You gain one LP. You may take this technique multiple times, its effects stack.
  13.   Serendipity:   [Requires 3 ranks in Luck] : You can use 2 LP to reroll an Initiative check. You must use the second result.
  14.   Unfortunate Accident:   [Requires 4 ranks in Luck] Your natural luck has gotten to the point where those who wish you ill are in actual physical danger. As a 2SA, you can expend 4 LP to attempt to cause an opponent to have a bout of bad luck. Make an opposed luck check with them. The defender gets a +2 bonus to this check.  If you succeed, they fall prone. This ability has a range increment of 2 m. You do not need to be able to see or hear your target, but you must know approximately where they are.

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