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Magic Power

Skill Rate: Staggered

Uses: turning spells up to 11. Your ranks in Magic Power determines how many points of Power you can include in your spells.

Supernatural: Unless otherwise specified, all techniques in Magic Power are supernatural.
Techniques :

Other Techniques:

  1.   Go All Out: you may add your Endurance to a maximum Spell's Power rating, but if you do you are immediately wounded. This increase is spontaneous.
  2.   Sometimes, More is More: You may use your ranks in magic power to determine spell duration, or your magic skill, whichever is higher.

Metamagic Components:

  1.   Explosive Spell [Metamagic: Power +1] The spell gains an area of effect at Blast Scale 1. Instead of attacking individual creatures, you attack an area. If the spell is type: Attack, and you miss your attack roll, the spell scatters 1d6 metres per range increment out. If the spell has a range of Melee, it instead emanates out of any point in your reach. You may add this metamagic multiple times, each time increasing the area affected by one scale.
  2.   Rapid Fire : [Metamagic: Power +2] You cast the spell twice. You may choose different targets or the same target. You may add this metamagic multiple times, each time casting the spell an additional time. Each casting must be dispelled or otherwise countered individually. Roll any variable dice for each spell separately.
  3.   Quick Spell: [Metamagic: Power +5] Reduce the casting time of this spell by 1 second. This modification may be added multiple times, the effects stack. The casting time of a spell may not be reduced to shorter than one second.
  4.   Intensify Spell: [Metamagic: Power +1] Choose one die roll made in this spell. Increase the die size by one, to the normal maximum of d12. This metamagic may be added multiple times, each time either increasing the die roll further, or increasing a different die roll.
  5.   Mad   Casting : [Metamagic: Power +1] You may use your Magic Power skill instead of your Magic Skill modifier for attack rolls in this spell.
  6.   Demoralizing Spell : [Metamagic: Power -1] You take a Morale Penalty when you cast this spell. You cannot apply this modification if you are immune to morale effects.
  7.   Exhausting   Spell : [Metamagic: Power -1] You become fatigued immediately after casting.

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