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Magic Skill

Skill Rate: Staggered

Uses: Hitting people with spells, casting more complex spells. Every rank in Magic Skills adds +1 to your maximum spell complexity.

Mobility Penalty: Apply mobility penalties (such as from armour and encumbrance) to your Magic Skill modifier.

Supernatural : Unless otherwise specified, all techniques in Magic Skill are supernatural.


Metamagic Components:

  1.   Expensive Spell : [Metamagic: Complexity -1] the spell costs 100 mk in rare materials to cast.  You determine the materials at spell creation, but they must be at least 100 mk. They are destroyed or used up in some way (your choice) during casting.
  2.   Extend Spell : [Metamagic: Complexity +2] spell's duration increases one step (Rounds->Minutes->Hours->Days->Permanent). You may take this multiple times, it's effects stack. Each time you take it costs one more complexity than the time before, so to go from rounds to hours costs 5 metamagic complexity, or 9 from rounds to days.
  3.   Line : [Metamagic: Complexity +1] The spell's area changes to a line. The line is 5m long and 1m across and tall. The Line metamagic can be added multiple times, each time it is used either increases the length by 5m or the width or height by 1m, chosen at the time of spell creation. The line must originate on the target of the spell, or, if the spell has a range of melee, anywhere within the caster's reach. As with all area spells, this may only be defended against with special techniques (such as Evasion).
  4.   Cone: [Metamagic: Complexity +1] The spell's area changes to a cone. The cone is 4m long and 2m wide and tall at the end. The Cone metamagic can be added multiple times, each time adding 4m to the length of the cone. The width and height area always equal to half the length. The Cone must originate at the target of the spell, or if it is melee, in the caster's reach.
  5.   Lingering Spell : [Metamagic: Complexity +1]: if the spell  has an area effect (such as through the Explosive metamagic) then the spell stays in place after it is cast for a duration of Rounds. Anyone who enters the area during the duration is affected by the spell. For example, say the Lingering Spell metamagic is applied to Fireball . The spell is cast at a target, and the area keeps burning. Anyone who enters the area of the spell takes 1d6 + Spirit fire damage. The Lingering Spell metamagic may be applied multiple times, each time increasing the time lingered by one step (to a maximum of Days)
  6.   Randomize Spell : [Metamagic: Complexity -1] Only affects area spells. Pick a square as a target, and roll a scatter die and a d6. The attack moves in the direction indicated by the die one metre per number on the d6.
  7.   Reach Spell: [Metamagic: Complexity +1] adds +1 to the spell's Complexity rating, but increases the spell's range by a step (melee->short->medium->long) If the spell already has Long or longer range, the range is doubled. You may use this tech multiple times to the same spell; its effects stack. Unless otherwise specified, the spell becomes a Low-Powered ranged projectile. Certain spells cannot be affected by this tech, as mentioned in their description.
  8.   Simplify Spell. [Metamagic: Complexity +1] You may remove either Verbal, Somatic, or Focus components of the spell you are casting. You may remove multiple components, but Comp increases stack.
  9.   Slow Spell: [Metamagic: Complexity -1] adds +2 seconds to the casting time. You may take this up to twice. Slow Spell only affects spells that normally have a casting time of 6 seconds or less.
  10.   Delayed Spell: [Metamagic: Complexity +1] You can add a delay to the spell. The delay can be of any time you choose, but must be chosen during casting.
  11.   Variable Delay: [Metamagic: Complexity +2] [Requires Delayed Spell] : You can add a time delay to the spell of up to one minute. You can choose the exact delay during casting. Multiple additions of Variable Delay to a spell each add up to one minute to the delay.
  12.   Precise Spell: [Metamagic: Complexity +2] A spell with this metamagic can reroll one die roll made during the spell. This could be the initial check to hit, or the damage roll, or anything else you choose. You must choose which roll can be rerolled during spell creation. This metamagic can be added multiple times, each time choosing a different die roll to be rerolled.
  13.   Mobile Cast: [Metamagic: Complexity +1] Similar to the Spring component, you may move for up to 2 seconds while casting this spell. The complexity comes not from the fact that the magic is more complicated per se , but because it is more difficult to cast a complicated spell on the move. Unless you have Athletics: Shot on the Run, you take a -1/-1 penalty to all ranged spell attack rolls.

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