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This light, silvery metal is mined far beneath the surface

Special Effects: Mithril is almost impossibly strong, and incredibly light. It is also easy to work with, as such any DCs for crafting mithril items are 2 lower than usual.

Mithril Weapons: Mithril   can only be applied to weapons usually made of metal. The Durability changes to 12, the weight is decreased by 50% and the cost increases by 500 gc (2500 mk) per kg of the original. In addition, some creatures are vulnerable only to weapons made of Mithril. Due to the decreased mass, bludgeoning weapons deal one die lower damage when made of mithril and gain no benefit from the material bonus to damage. Mithril piercing or slashing weapons deal +1 damage and become Armour-Piercing 1.

Mithril-Plated   Weapons : Can only be applied to weapons usually made of metal, and cannot be applied to weapons already made of mithril. Does not change the weapon‚s Durability or weight, but counts as if it was made as Mithril (not the base material) for creature weaknesses. Increases the cost by +20 gc per kg of the original, or +10 gc per kg if it is a hafted weapon. Mithril plating does not affect the weight of the weapon, or the damage of bludgeoning weapons.

Mithril Armour: MIthril armour costs an extra +500 gc per kg of armour, and can only be applied to armour usually made of metal. Decrease the weight of the armour by 50%, and increase the defence bonus by +7. Can only be applied to armour listed as made of iron.

Durability : 12
Armour Defence Bonus: +7
Weight: Half as much as Iron
Cost :  
Raw Mithril : 250 gc/kg (ten times as much as gold)
Solid Mithril object : +250 gc / kg of the original
Mithril-Coated Weapon : +20 gc / kg of the weapon, or +10 gc if its hafted

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