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Movement in Vehicles:

In general, vehicles move just like characters do. There are a few exceptions for non-bipedal vehicles, however:

  1.   Most vehicles canét enter the square (of their scale) that they just left. If they wish to turn around, they have to go around that square. In this sense, larger vehicles are less manoeuvrable than smaller ones â they have a larger area to move around.
  2.   Vehicle Mobility Penalties only apply to the Drive modifier of the pilot for the vehicle, and not to other dex-based skills. They still reduce the vehicle's speed by one square at its scale (except in space, see Zero-G combat).


Depending on the method used to achieve flight, vehicles manoeuvre a little differently. If the vehicle is using fixed-wing movement, such as from jet engines or propellers, it risks stalling if it doesnét move at least 5 squares horizontally every round. Otherwise, flying vehicles can move up, down, and horizontally at their speed. This is a bit of an abstraction, but it keeps the game simple.


A stall occurs when a vehicle dependant on wings fails to achieve the requisite lift . This happens when  the vehicle does not move at least 5 squares horizontally in a round. Jets and propellers stop functioning, and the vehicle must attempt to glide. To pull out of a stall, the pilot must succeed in a DC 8 pilot check as a 4SA. The DC decreases by 1 point every round after the vehicle begins to stall.

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