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Future and Modern Armour

  1.   Adamantine Armour: With metal as the new strongest material around, armour vaguely resembling archaic styles (although thoroughly modern in design) become more common among the extremely wealthy.
  2.   Refined Steel Breastplate: This armour represents what the stats would be if someone in the modern era made a serious effort to create steel body armour mimicking archaic designs but using modern technology.
  3.   Cerametal Armour and Vest: Cerametal is an advanced synthetic ceramic material that makes extremely strong, solid plates. Cerametal is also a very poor conductor of heat and electricity, so the wearer gains a +3 defence bonus (that stacks with the armour‚s regular bonus) against all energy-based attacks. Cerametal is the standard armour worn by soldiers in the future.
  4.   Stab Vest: A stab vest is a light Kevlar vest worn by police officers to protect them from knives, and provide at least a modicum of defence against firearms. Stab vests sacrifice defence for mobility and comfort.
  5.   Ballistic Vest: A ballistic vest is what most people think of when they hear the term "bullet-proof vest." It is worn by tactical units expecting danger.
  6.   Combat Vest: A combat vest is an extremely heavy, uncomfortable piece of protective equipment worn by soldiers of wealthy nations. It is made mostly of Kevlar, like a Ballistic vest, but with added protection at the shoulders, neck, and groin. A Combat vest has heavy ceramic inserts over critical areas for increased protection.
  7.   Riot Gear: This full-body gear comes with a visored helmet to protect against all manner of improvised projectiles. It is similar to a Stab Vest, except it covers the whole body. Riot gear is worn by police when they want to quell a particularly violent riot. In extreme cases, Riot Gear is worn with a Ballistic Vest.
  8.   Space Skin : This futuristic space suit can be built into armour or worn by itself. This protects the wearer from the elements of space, grants a +6 equipment bonus to fortitude checks against temperature, and makes the wearer immune to dangerous gasses and dusts. The cost and weight do not include air tanks (see the modern equipment list) or common additions such as a thruster pack, radio, and flashlight. Such extra equipment is not included in armour effort (whether the armour is light or medium) calculations.





Range Inc


Damage Type







4 kg


Loud (listen DC -5)

Specialized Unique

Heavy Chainsword




8 kg


Loud (listen DC -7)

Specialized Unique

Beam Sword




0.5 kg


No strength

Specialized Blade

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