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Skill Rate: Staggered

Uses: Playing music, acting, singing, dancing, etc.. Like Engineering or Science, Perform is subdivided into many fields. The first time you put a rank in Perform, pick one means of performing. You add your Perform modifier to perform checks with that instrument.

  1.   Wind
  2.   Stringed
  3.   Percussion
  4.   Singing
  5.   Dancing

Performing is a 4SA that requires four seconds of concentration on future turns to keep up the playing.

Performing for Money: Make a perform check every day. You can generally gain (your check result squared) in mk every day.

Techniques :

  1.   Generalize: Pick another kind of perform. You can use your perform modifier to checks in that category. You may take this technique multiple times, each time choosing a new category.
  2.   Fame: With this technique, you can attempt to use your fame as a performer to influence others. You can make a Perform check against DC 7. If you succeed, the target has heard of you before, and likes your music. Their starting attitude is increased by one step. If you fail by 3 or more, they haven‚t heard of you before. If you fail by 2 or less, they‚ve heard of you and hate your music ƒ decrease their starting attitude to you by one point. The GM can increase or decrease the DC based on how likely it is that they‚ve heard of you (in a world with no radio or rapid travel, the DC might increase if you travel far from home).
  3.   Underscore: As a 4SA, make a perform check. If your Perform check beats DC 8, all Charisma, Discipline, and Intimidate checks made by allies listening are at +1 until you stop playing.
  4.   Battle Music:   [Requires Underscore] When you use Underscore, the Will of all allies listening gains a +1 bonus for every point by which your Perform check beats 8.
  5.   To 11: If your Perform check beats DC 6, decrease the Perception DC to hear by 1 point. Every point by which you beat DC 6, decrease the DC by an additional point.
  6.   Shock:   [Requires To 11] As a 4SA, make a perform check. One target who can hear you must make a Fortitude check (DC= your Perform check) or be Stunned for one round.
  7.   Awe:   [Requires Shock] When you use Shock, for every point by which your Perform check beat 8, you can affect one additional target
  8.   Deafening:   [Requires Shock] When you use shock, the target is also Deafened for one minute for every point by which he failed his Fortitude check.
  9.   Magical Melody:   [Requires 4 ranks in Perform] : Make a spell with up to one power, complexity, and divine power. As a 4SA, you can perform a Magical Melody. Make a Perform check against DC 10. If you succeed, one listener (whom you designate) is affected by the spell. For every 1 point by which you beat the DC, one additional listener is a target of the spell. This technique may be taken multiple times, each time you create a new spell to cast in this manner. This is a minor magical effect, and can be countered as normal.
  10.   Improved Melody :   [Requires Magical Melody] Choose one of the magical songs you made in Magical Melody. You can increase the maximum Power, Complexity and Divine Power by +1 point, but the DC to perform this goes up by +2. You may take this technique multiple times, each time affecting a different melody.

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