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Ramming and Collisions:

If a vehicle collides with another object, creature, or vehicle, there are often catastrophic results.

In the event of a collision (one vehicle moving into the occupied square of another) follow the following procedure:

1. Roll to evade: All creatures, vehicles, etc. can make a Dodge roll to avoid taking damage. The DC is 4.

2. Damage: All targets involved that fail their dodge roll take damage equal to 1d6 + the Base Toughness (from size) of the smallest vehicle (or creature or object) plus 1 per 10 squares of move speed made by the fastest vehicle

In the event of a deliberate Ram by one vehicle, use this procedure instead:

1. Enter the defender‚s area

2. Roll to evade: the defender (s) makes a Dodge roll. The DC is 4 + the attacker's Pilot modifier - the vehicle‚s scale

3. Damage: both sides take the smaller vehicle‚s Ram damage. If the defender took a wound, the attacker may continue moving and either bring the defender along for the ride or leave him behind.

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