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Ranged Attacks

Ranged attacks use your Ranged Skill bonus to attack. There are a few considerations necessary for Ranged Attacks that are not usually necessary for Melee:

1. Range : As targets get further away, they likewise become more difficult to hit. All ranged weapons have a range increment, listed in metres. For every full doubling of the range increment, the attacker gets -1/0 to his attack. For example, the heavy crossbow has a range increment of 15m. If the target were between 0m and 15m, the attack is made at no penalty. Between 16 and 30, the attack is made at -1. Between 31 and 60, -2. 61 and 120, -3. Lastly, if the attack were made at a target between 121 and 240m (the maximum range) away, there would be a -4 penalty. Four is usually the maximum number of range increments a ranged weapon can be used at without special weapons or techniques.

2. Ammunition: some ranged weapons (ex. firearms and crossbows) need to be reloaded. Reloading a weapon of your scale or smaller is a 4SA unless otherwise specified. The time it takes to reload a larger weapon increases by 4 seconds for every scale larger than you it is. Multiple people can reload a weapon at the same time, dividing the time between them.

3. Aiming : Before attacking with a ranged weapon, you may choose to take time to aim. Aiming takes 2 seconds. If you move or the target leaves your line of sight between aiming and attacking, you lose any benefits of having aimed. Aiming decreases any range penalties by one point, but various techniques from Ranged Skill can increase the effects of aiming.

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