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Modern Currency

People donét use great big coins made of precious metals anymore, and neither should your characters. To reflect this, we donét use the cp, mk, sp, and gc abbreviations when dealing with modern equipment.

Use the $ sign instead. When converting the prices over, the rule of thumb is that $1.00 = 1 sp. This reflects the fact that things have gotten significantly cheaper since the pseudo-middle ages of the fantasy setting. These aren't any specific real-world dollars (such as American, Australian, or Canadian dollars). They're just dollars. Don't worry about exchange rates too much.

Some items have, due to rarity value, gotten more expensive over time than less expensive. Equipment from the fantasy list that is not typically found in modern times has 10x or more  than the listed cost.

Beam Sword: This unusual weapon doesnét look like much (just a complicated metal handle) until it is activated. Activating it can be drawn while drawing, or as a 1s action (0SA with Quick Draw or a similar ability). Once activated, a beam sword appears as a glowing energy blade of any colour (varies from sword to sword). You do not add your strength to attacks with beam swords. Beam swords cannot be parried or blocked except by weapons or shields that can defend against energy attacks. Beam swords can be used to parry energy weapon attacks. Obviously, the weaponés material doesnét add bonus damage to beam sword attacks. The only advantage an adamantine beam sword has over a regular one is that it is harder to damage the handle.

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