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Rule Zero-Point-Five:

There are two types of rules: RAW and RAI.

RAW stands for Rules-as-Written, and they are exactly what is written down word for word in this book.

RAI stands for Rules-as-Intended, and their what we, the writers, are clearly getting at when we wrote the rules.

At some point in your game, the RAW won't fit the situation. Either it will let your character do something clearly ridiculous, or allow some loophole combination that makes your character a living God, or will prevent your character from doing something that any real person could do.

The rule of thumb is this: RAI trumps RAW, always. For example, we never specify that humans have two arms, two legs, and two thumbs- or for that matter, that they don't have wings or laser eyes. By RAW, they have an unspecified number of limbs and noses. Use common sense here:

Humans rarely have more than one nose.

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