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Secret Spell Seeds

Reflect Spell

Range : Short     Complexity : 4
Casting Time: Immediate 4SA   Power : 0
Duration: One round
Target : One (or more) spell(s) cast within range
Type: Reactive
Check: Magic Skill vs. Magic Skill DC
Effect :  For the remainder of the round (or longer with Extend Spell )  you may attempt to make a sort of defence roll against any spell cast within range. The spell does not have to be cast against you. As the spell is cast, you attempt to seize control of the magic. Make a Magic Skill check against the target's Passive Magic Skill DC (4 + his Magic Skill bonus). If you succeed, you may designate the target of the spell. If you fail, it acts as normal. As with all defence rolls, you can only make one check against each spell being cast.

Each projectile from a spell with the Rapid Fire metamagic counts as a separate spell that you must Reflect  individually.


+1 Complexity: You may reflect one additional spell per round. You may take this multiple times, it's effects stack.


Range : Melee    Complexity: 5
Casting Time : 4SA   Power: 1
Target : Creature in range
Type : Attack
Check: Attack Roll; Magic Power vs. Will
Duration : Instant
Effect : Choose one from the list during spell Casting, not spell creation :

Hex Of...



Beating the target's Will results in 1 Dex drain, and -1 to all Dex skills for 1d6 minutes


Beating the target's Will results in 1 End drain, and -1 to all End skills for 1d6 minutes


Beating the target's Will results in 1 Str drain, and -1 to all Str skills for 1d6 minutes


Target becomes Fatigued for 1d4 + 1 hours


Target becomes Nauseated for 1d4 +1 hours

The Drunkard

Target becomes Drunk for 24 hours and gains Alcohol Poisoning


Target becomes Stunned for 1d4 + 1 rounds


Target  falls asleep for 1d6 rounds. Sound does not wake it, but taking damage or being slapped (a 4SA) does, falling prone in the process.


Target must follow through with any decisions he makes for 1d6 days He can't change his mind.


The Target cannot lie for 1d6 days. GM may give him a circumstance penalty to Charisma of up to -3, depending on the situation.


The Target becomes ravenously hungry, but eating simply doesn't help. The target may starve to death. See: Starvation for more information. This lasts for 1d20 days, and the Target immediately is treated as having been starving for one week.


The target is Blinded for 1d6 minutes


The target is Deafened for 1d6 minutes


The target cannot breathe this round. Every round after casting, make another Magic Power vs. Will check. Success prevents the target from breathing that round, too. Failure  means the curse is broken, and he can breathe just fine.

The Tower:

The target can only speak one language (that you choose) for 24 hours. The language need not be one they already knew, or one that you know.


+1 Power, +5 Complexity: Choose a different Hex effect. The target is afflicted with both. If the effects have the same duration (ex. Nausea and Exhaustion) just roll the die once, and they have the same duration.

Solar Ray

Range : Melee    Complexity: 1
Casting Time : 4SA   Power: 5
Target : Anything in range
Type : Attack
Check: Attack Roll
Duration : 1 Round
Effect : The target gets struck by beams channelled directly from the sun. This is usually harmless, but certain creatures and objects react to sunlight particularly certain types of undead, like vampires. Particularly vampires.


+2 Power: The light is so bright that any creature in the area must make a Fortitude Check (DC = 4 + your Magic Power) or be blinded for 1d6 minutes. Failure by 5 or more results in permanent blindness.


Range : Melee     Complexity: 0
Casting Time : 4SA    Power: 1
Target : anything in range
Type : Attack
Check: Attack Roll; Damage vs. Toughness
Duration : Instant
Effect : The target(s) of the spell takes 1d6 points of damage plus your Faith modifier.

The damage is of a type determined by your Deity.

Against unholy targets, you add your Spirit to damage in addition to your Faith modifier.

Modifications :

+0 Divine Power: You can decrease the damage by 1 point to increase the die size by one (from d6 to d8 then d10 and d12) to a maximum of d12. You may take this multiple times, its effects stack.

+1 Divine Power : [ Spontaneous ]This spell gains a Blast area of scale 1. This modification may be chosen multiple times, each time increasing the blast area by one step. Unlike with most blast spells, you can deliberately choose not to target any targets or creatures in the area you specifically designate.


Range : Short    Complexity : 10
Casting   Time : Varies   Power : 0
Target : See text
Type : Specialized
Check : Varies
Duration : Instant
Effect : Choose one of the following when casting the spell:

Cast Dice: Casting Time: 4SA. Both you (the player) and your character roll a pair of dice to determine one Target's short-term future. Add the total together and consult the chart for your fortune. The target must be on the same plane, but otherwise can be anywhere, as long as you know where they are to within a 10 m area. Nothing but the Screw Fate use of the spell (below) can affect or allow you to reroll the dice.

Die Result





For every skill check for the rest of the day, roll twice and pick the lower result.



For all treasure rolls, roll twice and pick the lower value. This lasts for  the rest of the day.



Every 24 hours for a number of days equal to your Magic Skill, roll a d6. On a 1, the target catches an Infection.



Maximum will decreases by 1 point for 24 hours



When you meet new people for the next day, they default to Unfriendly instead of Indifferent.


Tall, Dark Stranger

No effect



When you meet new people for the next day, they default to Friendly instead of Indifferent.



Maximum will increases by 1 point for 24 hours



Target immune to all diseases for the rest of the day.



For all treasure rolls, roll twice and pick the higher value. This lasts for the rest of the day.



For every skill check for the rest of the day, roll twice and pick the higher result.

Screw Fate: Casting Time: 2SA. This must be cast immediately after using Cast Dice . The player can attempt to change the fate predicted. Make a Magic Skill check against DC 14. If you are successful, you can reroll one of the two dice you rolled for Cast Dice . If you beat the DC by more than 4, you can attempt another check at DC 16 to reroll either die again if you are still not satisfied. You may do this indefinitely if you beat the DC by 4, you can roll again at a DC of 2 higher than the time before. If you beat that DC by 4, you can do it again, etc.. Once you've predicted the target's fortune, you can't use it on them again for three days.

Read Tea Leaves: Casting Time: 2SA. By glancing at undisturbed tea leaves, you can tell the rough fortune of the person who drunk the tea.  Although the casting time of the spell is only a 2SA, boiling water, steeping tea, and drinking it take several minutes. Make a DC 15 magic skill check. If you succeed, you can predict their fortune.


Range : melee    Complexity : 0
Casting time : 4SA   Power : 1
Target : Powerable device in range
Type : Specialized
Duration : Concentration and see text
Check: None
Effect : You can use your own magical energy to provide power for a device. The object gains a power point reserve (even if it didn't have an engine or reactor at all) of 8 pp at scale 0. (or 2 pp at scale 1, or 32 pp at scale

1, etc.).

Casting a spell with this seed can be exhausting.

If the pp reserve ever drops to ½ or less of its maximum, you become fatigued. If it drops to ¼, you become exhausted. If its reserve ever hits zero, you immediately fall unconscious.

At any point while concentrating, you can (as a 0SA) take a wound to recharge 8 pp. You can do this only once per round.

If you stop concentrating on the spell (whether deliberately or because you fall unconscious) the object remains powered at first, but loses 1 pp per round until you start concentrating again. When the reserve hits zero, the spell ends.


+4 Power: You create a buffer between yourself and the object. You do not become fatigued, exhausted, or fall unconscious from this seed's effects.

+1 Power: [ Spontaneous ]  The object's pp reserve increases by +8 points. You may take this modification multiple times, its effects stack.

+4 Complexity: You can concentrate on this spell as a 0SA.

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