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Skill rate: Staggered

Uses: With this skill, you can quickly change your body from your natural form into a specific set of other forms you have learned. This number increases with your skill: every even-numbered rank (when your skill bonus increases), you can learn one new form. When you first put a rank in Shapeshift, you can learn one form. You can (at first, anyways) only shapeshift into animals from the Monsters list (and any others with GM approval) of up to your natural scale. As there are a finite number of forms you can shift into, it is strongly recommended that you record your stats in these alternate forms ahead of time, so that you don't slow down play recalculating your toughness and other statistics. Shapeshifting takes a six second action.

You keep the same number of wounds, conditions, etc. between forms, and your Will does not change even if your spirit does. If you change into a form immune to one of your current conditions, the condition is removed „ so a quick way to cure yourself or snake poison is to transform into a snake and back. You do not gain any supernatural abilities of the chosen form. Otherwise, you act while shifted as if your chosen race were the animal you have shapeshifted into.

People tend to react badly when they see someone use this skill, so it is strongly advised that you do not change shape in public. While in any form other than your own, you gain the vulnerability: Silver/Pain. This means that whenever you come into contact with silver, you  are Stunned for as long as you are in contact, and Staggered for one round afterwards. If you are attacked by a silver weapon, you are Staggered for one round.

You can remain shapeshifted for up to 1 minute plus 1/point of bonus in the Shapeshift skill, after which you must return to your natural form for at least one minute.

You decide when you first take this skill whether clothing and armour you carry falls to the ground undamaged when you shift, or whether it vanishes, only to reappear on you when you shift back. This decision can be changed every time you put a new skill rank into Shapeshift.

Supernatural: Every use of this skill is supernatural. Magic can be used to force a character using Shapeshift to return to their natural state. This requires use of the Dispel seed. The DC to do so is, instead of 4 + the caster‚s Magic Skill (as Shapeshift does not require or benefit from a high Magic Skill), 4 + the shapeshifter‚s Shapeshift bonus.


  1.   Faster Shift : You can shapeshift as a 4SA instead of a full round action
  2.   Lightning Shift : [Requires Faster Shapeshifting] You can shapeshift as a 2SA
  3.   Larger Shift : Increase the maximum scale of the type of animal you can shift into by +1. This technique can be taken up to three times, its effects stack.
  4.   Doppelganger : You can learn humanoids
  5.   Nature Never Intended : You can take one feature from a creature you can shift into and add it to another. See the chart for examples. This technique may be taken multiple times, each time adding a new feature to a creature you can shift into. You can't add two features to the same form in a row. You can update your modifications as you learn new forms, so (for example) if you knew how to shift into a bear and a snake, so you give the bear form snake venom; then later learn how to shift into a spider, you can change the bear's snake venom to spider venom. If you decide not to do so at that time, you cannot swap the snake venom for spider venom unless you happen to learn another form with spider venom.
  6.   Wings : Requires creature with wings. Wings of the same sort (updated for scale) can sprout out of the back of one of your forms. The new creature can fly at a speed of 2 squares of its scale.
  7.   Claws : Requires one creature with a claw attack dealing at least d6 damage. Claws of the same sort sprout out of the paws/hands/talons/tentacles/etc. of one of your forms. They deal 1d6 slashing damage.
  8.   Poison : Requires one creature with a poisonous natural attack. One natural attack type (for example, a bite or both claws) of one other form inject poison of the same type, modified by scale.
  9.   Gills and flippers : Requires one form of a creature that can breathe under water. One other form of your choice gains a swim speed of 2 squares of its scale, and can breathe under water.
  10.   Natural Armour : Requires one form with at least a +2 natural armour bonus. One form of your choice gets a +2 natural armour bonus, from the same source as the first - so the animal might get scales, or thick skin, or even a shell.
  11.   Extended Shift: You can maintain shapeshifted for ten minutes per point of Shapeshift bonus instead of the usual one minute.  
  12.   Alter Appearance: With this technique, you can change your appearance. When shapeshifting, you can also choose to alter one of your forms on the fly to change size and mass by up to roughly 50% larger or 25% smaller (to appear tall, short, fat, or thin); cosmetic details such as eye, skin, and hair colour; gender; and other relatively minor changes. The form you change to must be of the same species as the original, and regardless of changes has the same ability scores, scale, skill modifiers, and other game statistics as the original.

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