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Shield Use

Skill Rate: Staggered

Uses: Blocking, Bashing

To use a Block defence, you have to have a shield in one hand. Shields can block area attacks. As Block is based on an endurance skill, mobility penalties do not apply (unlike Dodge). Every rank in Shield Use grants you another Block defence roll per round.


  1.   Bash : You may use your shield as a weapon, so long as it is within your weight category. It deals 1d6 Bludgeoning damage with a reach of Close. Treat it as a weapon in the Blunt family. Without this technique, Shields may only be used as improvised weapons.
  2.   Stunning Bash:   [Prerequisite: Bash] a target who you wound with a shield Bash attack must make a Fortitude check (DC equals the damage dealt with your shield) or be stunned for two seconds.
  3.   Shield Cover: Once per round, you may make a Block defence roll for one ally within reach. You may make this check even if they have already made a defence roll and failed.
  4.   Shield Wall: If you are within reach of at least two allies with shields and have a shield yourself, you get a +1 circumstance bonus to Shield Use.
  5.   Tower Shield Training: You may use Tower Shields to make block defence rolls.
  6.   Buckler Training: You may use bucklers to make Block defence rolls.
  7.   Arm Catch: With this technique, you can attempt to block attacks without a shield. If you succeed, instead of ignoring the attack, the damage is dealt as if it were a called shot to one of your arms. The arm must not be holding a weapon heavier than a light one to do this.

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