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Mounted : Weapons with this special deal one die higher damage (d4 becomes d6, which becomes d8, etc.) when used while mounted on an animal (or motorcycle, or in similar situations) in any combo that includes Charge.

Brace : You do one higher die of damage against an enemy that moved more than 4 squares this turn

Double : This weapon is a double weapon. You may choose which end to attack with on every attack. In addition, if you have the Dual Wield technique, you may attack with both ends as if your off-hand weapon is Light and your primary is Medium. In any case, in order to attack with both heads in a single combo (Dual Wielding or not) you must hold the weapon in two hands.

2H : This weapon requires two hands to be used properly.

Machine : This weapon is machine-powered, and uses its own built-in strength. You do not add your strength to damage.

Trip : You may make trip attempts with this weapon, using the weapon's reach.

Disarm : You may make disarm attempts with this weapon, using the weapon's reach.

AP1 or 2: “AP” stands for Armour-Piercing, and is rare outside of firearms and other futuristic weaponry. AP1 means that the weapon treats the target‚s toughness as 1 point higher, but the its minimum toughness as one point lower „ resulting in a weapon that is more likely to wound, but less likely to kill the target. AP 2 increases the target‚s toughness by 2, but decreases its minimum toughness by the same amount. AP weapons are recommended against enemies with high toughness that you would have trouble even wounding normally.

AP-1 or -2: These types of weapons are the opposite of Armour-Piercing weapons. While Armour-Piercing weapons concentrate as much force as possible in a small area to penetrate heavy armour, these weapons are designed for use against unarmoured enemies by causing severe internal damage. They decrease the target‚s toughness by 1 point, but increase the target‚s minimum toughness by 1 point (for AP-1), and by 2 points (for AP-2). Negative AP weapons are recommended against unarmoured targets with a relatively low toughness.

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