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Weapon Descriptions

Cost : How much it costs to buy the weapon in normal circumstances. The cost may vary enormously depending on availability.

Damage: How much damage this weapon deals on a successful hit. This is before you add your strength, unless it has the Machine special.


Close: You can only attack targets in your natural reach (in your occupied area for most creatures)

Standard: You can only attack targets who are one square outside of your natural reach (adjacent squares for most creatures)

Long: You can attack targets that are two squares outside your natural reach (one square away from your area for most creatures)

Range Increment: You may fire at targets up to 4 full doublings of the range increment away. Each doubling imposes a -1 attack penalty. So, for example, with a bow (range increment 10m); you could attack targets up to 10m away with no penalty, 11-20m away with a -1 penalty, 21-40m away with a -2 penalty, 41-80m away with -3, and finally 81-160m away with a -4 penalty.

Thrown: Thrown weapons have a range given in multiples of your strength. This means that if you have a strength of 2, you can throw a knife with a range increment of 2m. If it is 3, you can throw at 3m. Throwing a Javelin with a strength of 4 would give it a range of 8m because it has a range of 2x strength.

Improvised Thrown: Weapons and objects not explicitly designed for throwing can be thrown as well. If a weapon that is not part of the Thrown weapons family and has no range increment listed (such as a sword) is thrown, attacks suffer a -1/-1 improvised penalty to attack. The weapon deals its normal damage (adding your strength, as usual). The range increment is your strength score in squares of your scale.

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