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Weapon Proficiencies

Skill Rate: Fast

Uses: Learning how to use weapons. If you are not proficient in a weapon, you take a -1/-1 penalty to attack with it.

Techniques :

  1.   Weapon Family Proficiency : with this technique, you become proficient in one class of weapon. You may select this technique multiple times, each time choosing a new weapon family. The weapon families are:
  2.   Blades
  3.   Axes
  4.   Bows
  5.   Crossbows
  6.   Martial Arts
  7.   Spears
  8.   Blunts
  9.   Firearms (Pistol)
  10.   Firearms (Longarm)
  11.   Firearms (Missiles)
  12.   Firearms (Grenade Launcher)
  13.   Specialized Weapon Proficiency:   [Requires Relevant Weapon Family Proficiency] Choose one specialized weapon from a family with which you are proficient. You are proficient with that weapon. You may gain this technique multiple times, each time selecting a new Specialized weapon.
  14.   Superheavy Firearms Proficiency: [Requires any Firearms proficiency] when using a superheavy firearm or missile on a bipod, tripod, or other mount; you do not take a -1/-1 improficiency penalty to attack rolls
  15.   Improvised : You are skilled at using objects not really meant as weapons as them. Any weapon marked as Improvised, or in the Improvised weapon family, requires this proficiency as well as its other family to use without penalty.
  16.   Automatic Weapons Proficiency :   (Requires Any Firearms Proficiency) With this technique, you can make attacks using an automatic rate of fire or Burst fire without a -1/1 penalty.

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