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Ranged Skill

Skill Rate: Staggered

Uses : Attacking with a ranged weapon, determining the complexity of attack combos. You use your Ranged Skill bonus when making ranged weapon attack rolls, and it is added to the DC to defend against your ranged attacks.

Combo Components:

  1.   Double Tap: [Attack Combo +1] If you are firing a semiautomatic weapon with a combo including this component, all attacks count as Burst even if the weapon does not normally have a Burst rate of fire. This includes increasing the recoil, range penalties, etc. Every attack uses two bullets, not three (as is normal for Burst).
  2.   Far Shot [Attack Combo: +1]: double the range increment of ranged weapons used in the combo.
  3.   Improbable Aim:   [Attack Combo +1] You can aim at a target as part of attacking with this combo.
  4.   Shoot From the Hip: [Attack combo -1]: All skill checks made as a part of this combo take a -1/-1 penalty. You may apply this as many times to a combo as you have ranks in Ranged Skill, its effects stack.

Example: Multi-Weapon Combat

This example will illustrate how dual wield, multi wield, and double throw interact with each other.

Colonel Mauve the walking arsenal finds himself surrounded by five knife-wielding ninjas. Fortunately, he's prepared. On his turn, he uses his combo "Storm," which consists of four attacks. Mauve draws a pair of knives using Quick Draw in his right hand and throws them both at ninja #1 (his first attack, using Double Throw). Mauve uses his second attack to throw his last knife at ninja #2 (granting him an extra attack from dual wield). Mauve still has two normal attacks remaining, but is now out of weaponsⓦ except the ones his mother gave him. He punches ninja #3 in the face twice (his second and third normal attacks, granting him a second extra attack from Triple Wield) and uses his fourth attack to punch ninja #4. He still has two extra attacks, which he uses to clobber ninja #5 with his fists.

In total, Colonel mauve made six attacks:

  1.   One with a pair of knives using double throw
  2.   One with a third knife, granting an extra attack (from double wield)
  3.   Two punches, granting another extra attack (from triple wield)
  4.   Two extra punches from the extra attacks earned using double and triple wield.

Unorthodox Reload : [Attack Combo +1] [Requires Rapid Reload] You may reload once during this combo, so long as you could normally do it in one second or less. You may add this component multiple times, each time reloading once more.

  1.   On the Exhale: [Attack Combo +X] You get a +1/+0 Precision bonus to attacks made in this combo. On the Exhale adds 2 complexity points per attack (including extra attack, trips, punches, kicks, etc.) in the combo.

Active Techniques:

  1.   Deadly Aim: You may spend 6 seconds aiming (instead of the usual 1 second) to get a +1/+1 Precision bonus on your next ranged attack roll.
  2.   Cold Sniper: [Requires Deadly Aim, Steady Aim] You can use Deadly Aim with only 3 seconds of aiming instead of 6.
  3.   Indirect Fire: you may fire low-powered projectiles (including bows, thrown weapons, catapults, grenade launchers, artillery, and most spells) in an arc half as high as it is long. Without Line of Sight, you need to guess the location of your target and suffer penalties as if Blind. By doing this, you can ignore fairly low obstacles. If you know where your target is by other means, you obviously don't have to guess their location.
  4.   Steady Aim: If you aimed before your attack, you can ignore 1 point of cover bonus to your target's Target score.
  5.   Rapid Reload: With this technique, reloading most weapons takes one second less. Weapons that take two rounds or more to reload take one round less. If this would decrease the time it takes to reload a weapon to below one second, it becomes a 0SA.
  6.   Lightning Reload: [Requires Rapid Reload] With this technique, reloading most weapons takes two seconds less. Weapons that take two rounds to reload take one round less, and weapons that take three or more rounds to reload take two rounds less. This replaces the benefit from Rapid Reload. If this would decrease the time it takes to reload a weapon to below one second, it becomes a 0SA.

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