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Skill Rate: Fast

Uses : Sneaking, Sneak attacking
Size Modifier: subtract your scale from your stealth modifier

Sneak : You may move stealthily up to half your speed. Make a Stealth check every round. You are undetected so long as your Stealth Check beats observers' passive Perception DC. The observer takes standard penalties for distance. As long as someone has not detected you, they are flat-footed to your attacks. If you attack from hiding, your stealth check gets a -6 penalty until your next turn.

Pick Pocket: as a 4SA, you can attempt to snatch an item from a flat-footed target. Make a Stealth check opposed a perception check made by your target. If you succeed (meet or beat his roll), he didn't notice you swipe the object. If the object is larger than can be conveniently hidden in your palm, you get -1 or more on the check. If your target notices you trying to rob him, you can make an opposed Wrestle check to steal it anyways.

Off-Screen Thievery: A character with Stealth can use his skill to steal money from the surroundings. Make a stealth check. You can generally get your result squared in silver marks for every day out robbing in a town of average wealth, per hour in a wealthy area, or per minute in an extremely wealthy area (like a palace). The GM secretly sets a DC from 2 (barely defended) to 4 (average defence) to 6 (well defended) to 8 or higher (paranoid security). A result lower than the DC results in the character not making any money. The point of off-screen thieving is to not derail the campaign with one character's hijinks, while still being able to use his skill. For attempting to steal a particular item, don't use off-screen thieving. Instead, this qualifies more as an adventure in and of itself.


Combo Components:

  1.   Sneak Attack : [Attack Combo -1] This combo only functions when you attack a flat-footed or flanked foe. For every three ranks you have, Sneak Attack subtracts an additional 1 combo point (1 at 1-2 ranks, 2 at 3-5, 3 at 6-8, etc.

Passive Techniques:

  1.   Rapid Sneak: You may move up to 3/4 your speed while Sneaking.
  2.   Sniper : When attacking while hidden, you only take a -3 penalty to stealth.
  3.   Quick Pocket: You can make Pick Pocket checks in 2 seconds instead of 4.
  4.   Concealed Faith:   Supernatural Add your Stealth modifier to the DC to detect you with Holy Sight.
  5.   Concealed Casting: Supernatural Add your Stealth modifier to the DC to detect you, or any spell you cast, with Magic Sight.
  6.   Subconscious Stealth:   [Requires Blend In, A True Ninja, Hide in Plain Sight] You only take a -1 penalty while using Hide in Plain Sight.

Active Techniques:

  1.   A True Ninja : If you desire, you can always considered to be "taking 0" on Stealth checks. This means that, when you are just going about your daily business, in order to be seen or heard someone must beat 0+ your Stealth modifier with a perception check. You suffer no movement penalties. You may, of course, choose not to be sneaking at any time, but it is assumed that you are if you do not specify. You may still only hide if you have cover or concealment, as per usual.
  2.   Backstab:   [Requires Sneak Attack] If you hit flanked foe with a light weapon, you deal +2 damage.
  3.   Superhero Exit : [Requires Hide in Plain Sight] observers do not automatically succeed on their observe check if they are directly looking at you, so long as they are flat-footed. (this is commonly combined with a distraction to slink away)
  4.   Blend In: You may make stealth checks in crowds of people as if you had cover or concealment. Your check automatically fails if you are strikingly different from those you are trying to blend in with.
  5.   Hide in Plain Sight : You may hide even without cover or concealment, but at a -3 penalty to sight-based stealth. Also, if you try to hide while already under direct observation, the observer automatically succeeds on his Perception check.
  6.   Sneaky Run: You may move your full speed, but take a -2 penalty to Stealth until your next turn.
  7.   Catch by Surprise: [Requires Quick Draw] if you quick-draw a concealed weapon, you catch your opponent flat-footed for the purposes of any attacks or combos made with that weapon the round you drew it.
  8.   Distant Distract:   [Requires Distract, Distract All] . You may distract any opponents who can see or hear you.
  9.   Distract All:   [Requires Distract]. When you use Distract, you may instead distract all enemies within 10m.
  10.   Distract: Make a Stealth check as a 4SA against the passive perception DC of one target within 10m. If you succeed, he is flat-footed until the start of your next turn. Every time you use Distract on someone, they get a cumulative +3 bonus against your next Distract attempt. This bonus decreases by one point every 24 hours.

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