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Cold-Forged Iron  

This metal is mined deep underground and forged at a lower temperature to maintain its delicate antimagic properties. Many magical creatures are weak to cold iron weapons. If cold iron is forged into steel or other alloys, it loses its special properties and becomes ordinary iron. Chemically, cold iron is identical to regular iron, although anyone with spellcasting capabilities or magic sight can immediately tell the difference.

Special Effects: A thin sheet of Cold Iron prevents magical teleportation, clairvoyance, and summon effects from passing through. A tiny hole is all that is necessary for this protection to fail. A full suit of cold iron armour makes the wearer immune to magical detection (except for mail armour, as it is essentially full of tiny holes).

Cold iron is undetectable by magic of any sort, as is anything contained in cold iron (such as treasure in a cold iron chest).

You canét detect cold iron by trying to see what you canét detect. It just doesnét work like that.

A character wearing cold iron restraints cannot teleport or be summoned.

The presence of cold iron makes spellcasters feel slightly uncomfortable, although they take no actual penalties. The more cold iron, the more uncomfortable they feel.

It is more difficult to craft cold iron than regular iron. The DC to create anything increases by +2.

Durability : 5
Density : as iron
Density Multiplier : 1x
Cost: 10 sp /kg (and double the cost of the item after that increase due to the difficulty involved in forging)

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