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Silver acts as a magic conductor of sorts, in addition to being the weakness of a number of creatures (most famously lycanthropes, such as werewolves).

Special Effects:  

Magic Conductivity: If a spellcaster is touching a silver object, any spell he casts can originate from anywhere that same silver object touches. For example, if Mordok the Magician casts fireball while holding onto a 5m silver wire, the fireball can originate from the end of the wire, thus boosting the range by 5 m. Well-to-do Warlocks sometimes create large networks of silver wire in their homes to defend against marauders from safety. Smart well-to-do Warlocks think twice before doing this, because the marauders may be Wizards from the neighbouring arcane gang, and silver runs both ways.

Light: When a spell is cast through silver, the silver glows pale blue. This lights an area 50 cm per Power Point of the spell. Spellcasters can make silver glow without casting a spell as a 2SA, with an area of up to 50cm for every power point they are capable of casting. (a character with 5 ranks in Magic Power could light up an area with a radius of 2.5 m, for example).

Anchor Point: Objects made of silver are always an Anchor point, although casting a spell (any spell) through the silver makes the Anchored spell disappear.

Silvered Weapons: A silver-coated object (such as a pole, fork, or melee weapon) can allow a caster to cast Melee spells with the reach of the object or weapon rather than the caster's natural reach. The caster must have direct contact (skin to silver) with the object for this to function. When attacking in this way, the character uses his attack bonus for the weapon instead of his magic skill for checks to affect the target (anything written like Check: Magic Skill vs X). Silvered gauntlets allow an armoured caster to use silvered weapons without removing his gloves.
Durability: 2 (pure silver)
Armour Defence Bonus: +0 for silvered, -3 for solid silver (this weapon or suit of armour would be purely decorative, prohibitively heavy, and ridiculously expensive)
Cost: 250 sp/kg (one sp weighs roughly 4 grams).
Silver wire costs 10 sp per metre.
Silvered object: + 5 sp/ kg of the object. Does not significantly affect weight

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